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We are a directory responsible for putting its clients in touch with professionals who can aid them with moving homes. These aren't just any old workers however. They are the finest individuals working in removals Greenwich has. With them around, you'll be able to relocate without experiencing too much trouble.

Something we often see with clients is that they choose to move on a Bank Holiday. This can become a help as well as a hindrance. The additional holidays can prove essential to couples and families moving into new houses. They'll have more time to unpack, get their thoughts together, and relax in the new property. Saying this, we always recommend to people planning on a Bank Holiday move to plan well in advance. We say this mainly due to the lack of availability of certain services at short notice on these days.

Business opening times

removals GreenwichSome business helplines will be open and particular utilities are probably going to be available. However, it's still preferable for you to do everything you possibly can before the holiday. If you can get the water, electricity, and internet set up at least, you'll manage to get yourselves comfortable.

It's also important to think about the shops. Depending on your new location, chances are that the shops will be shut at this time. You might find yourself needing to go out for milk, cleaning products, or even masking tape. If you require anything like this, you're better off getting it prior to Sunday. Create a list and put down anything you'll likely need during your first weekend. Believe us when we say that unpacking is a difficult process. Make sure you have some food and drink to keep you going.

Delivery times

You should stay aware of the delivery times too. Over the Bank Holidays, deliveries can prove themselves to be somewhat unreliable. Therefore, a good idea would be to arrange for everything to arrive beforehand. This includes things like cookers, dishwashers, washing machines, and other critical appliances.

Don't forget to also factor in the holiday traffic into the equation. During this time, the roads can be hectic to say the least. Take the traffic into consideration and plan out a route that's effective. If you know of any shortcuts, be sure to share them with your moving team. Another thing you can try is working to a schedule so that you're out of the house by a specific time. This can help you with avoiding peak traffic.

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Our directory does everything in its power to help every single client. In addition to connecting them with the greatest people specialising in removals Greenwich has, we provide them with a multitude of quotes. This way, they can select the most appropriate option for their circumstances. Please let us at London Removals know if there's anything we can do for you.

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