Student Removals London

Student Removals In London

As a student, you’re likely to have plenty of things on your mind at any given time. Whether it’s a coursework deadline that’s fast approaching, exams to study for or just the everyday things that come with living away from home, student life is far from the constant partying and sleeping all day that everyone seems to think it is.

To top it off, at the end of the academic year, or even at the end of the semester depending on which academic institution you’re studying at, you may have to vacate your term time accommodation. This brings with it a lot of hassle that you could most definitely do without close to exam time. So if you’re moving back home at the end of term, or if you’re moving house to a new place at the start of the academic year, there are certain aspects of the move that should take precedence over everything else. Check out and implement some of these top tips, and you’ll be on the road and safely moved into your new place before you know it.

1. Choose a moving company to help with your requirements.
If you’re fortunate enough to be able to move by yourself, either with the help of a friend or if your parents are willing to make the trip, than great. But if not, you need to be looking into hiring the right company that will meet your requirements.

2. Decide what you’re planning to bring with you.
As a student, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to be moving furniture, especially any large and heavy items into your new accommodation. Therefore there’s absolutely no point in hiring a large removal van if you’re not going to be using half of the space. For a student removal task, hiring a man and a van should be just the removal service you need to get you and your items to your new destination. Man and van services are often cheap and cheerful and absolutely perfect for anything to do with small removals. In order to get the best possible deals and to save yourself some money, do your research first before making any firm bookings. Call up your local companies and get some price quotes. Alternatively, it might be a good idea to ask around at your university accommodation office. They may have some useful information and a few companies that specialise and give discounts when helping their students move.

3. Pack properly.
Don’t pack for your move in haste and just shove things into any old box that you can find. Take a decent amount of time and if needed, spend a bit of money to ensure that you have everything you need to need to safely pack and secure your items for the move. Plastic boxes and containers are much better and for more durable and secure than cardboard boxes. Buy them in bulk and they’re also relatively cheap, so get your hands on a decent number of containers. Before putting items into the boxes, wrap any expensive items, in addition to plates and drinking glasses with some paper. When you’ve finished packing, fill up any extra space with some scrunched up paper or some bubble wrap or foam. This will prevent your items from clinking about during the move, reducing the risk of them breaking.

4. Use a local storage facility.
If you have to vacate your room at the end of term but at planning to return in a month or so, there’s no point lugging your items to and fro on every occasion. Use a storage facility to prevent any undue stress and extra hassle.