Tackle Furniture Removals Safely

Tackle Furniture Removals Safely And Efficiently

Moving furniture is probably the task that people find the hardest when it comes to moving house. Big and bulky items of furniture are difficult to move around, manoeuvre out of the door and into the back of a removal van. To top it off, if this is the first time that you have moved your furniture, you could risk damaging your furniture and even worse, doing some damage to yourself. So if you could move your furniture in a safe and effective way, it would save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Take our advice on board and make your house move easier.

1. Have a clear out.
There’s no point moving what you’re never going to use. That old cabinet that has gathered dust over the years and those old chairs shoved to the back of your cupboard aren’t going to be much use in your new home. It could be worth trying to flog your old items online and try and get a bit of money for them. Alternatively, dust them off and hold a yard sale or go to your local car boot sale to ensure that they’ll go to a better home.

2. Shifting furniture.
There are techniques you could use when getting your furniture out of the house and into your car or van. Wrap your furniture in some old blankets to avoid them from getting scratched. If you can, try and slide some blankets under your furniture; you can then use this as some leverage by pulling and sliding it across your floors, whilst avoiding your floors from getting scratched and avoiding any unnecessary lifting. Slide and pull is the way you should go, and if you can, you can even do this all the way outside and into your van.

3. Figure out how you’re going to go about your move; are you going to take it on yourself or call in some extra help?
If you’ve only got a small amount of belongings to move, it might be worth thinking about carrying out the move yourself. As long as you’ve got yourself four wheels and are willing to do a lot of hard grafting, this will definitely be the most cost effective option. Call upon your friends or family to give you an extra pair of hands which will make the process move along a whole lot quicker.

4. Call up a man with a van and utilise the expertise of the professionals.
If you’ve got any large items of furniture that you can’t manage to squeeze in the back of your car, it could be worth looking into man and van hire. These companies tend to help with small removals, but are perfect if you’ve got some furniture that you just can’t move on your own. A friendly and generally a more affordable option than the services of a large majority of removal companies, their house movers will also give you a helping hand moving all your furniture and loading up the van.

5. Hire yourself a van.
If you’re a bit strapped for cash and hiring the services of a company isn’t within your budget, it’s still definitely worth shelling out a bit of money and hiring a moving van. You’ll have to do some lifting, you’ll be exhausted on moving day, but at the end of the process when you and your possessions are safely moved into your new house, you can take a step back and look at what you’ve achieved with a great deal of satisfaction and a great sense of achievement.