The Benefits Of Man And Van Hire

The Benefits Of Man And Van Hire

When it comes to moving house, there are many options available for removals and a plethora of companies to choose from. It can all be quite overwhelming! While certain circumstances may have different moving needs, for 9 out of 10 cases the best option is to hire a man with a van. Here are the top five benefits to hiring man and van services when you are next moving house:

1. Cost effective: rather than spending a fortune hiring a whole team of professional movers through a large moving company, the cost of man and van services are much more affordable. Because they are independent companies, the prices are competitive and better regulated. 3

2. Value for money: you really do get the best value for money when hiring a man with van. These services are all about quality over quantity. The effort put in by the single man when it comes to moving all the boxes and furniture will be bound to impress you more than a whole team of movers.

3. Friendliness: because man with van services rely heavily on word of mouth to boost their business and need a good reputation, you won’t find anyone friendlier in the moving business. You will certainly be taken care of with a friendly smile when this service comes to help on your moving day.

4. Variety in sizes: man with a van services can generally accommodate for any type of move. Different services have different size vehicles, so you are bound to find the right fit for your move. If you are a single moving on your own, there will be a man with van who caters for small removals with a small van. For larger families relocating, there are services who have a spacious sized van that will fit more than you could have imagined inside!

5. Lots of assistance: the great thing about these services is that they can help you in many regards of your move. From packing materials to loading fragile items, they will take care in all regards. It is also worth inquiry with the service you hire to get some tips and advice in the lead up to the move, such as writing a moving checklist and getting everything prepared. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that man and van services offer!The most important thing to remember when hiring this type of service is that you have trust and confidence in the service. It is worth asking friends, family members and neighbours if they have previously used a man with a van service. Keep in mind that you should only hire a service you would be happy to recommend to someone else!

To get the best out of your service, make sure you have open communication channels and are specific about your moving needs. If you have bulky or fragile items, make sure you let the movers know so he can come prepared. Similarly, if you have difficult access points to your house or obstacles such as a staircase, inform the company before you hire. Check out a few different websites and services for a variety of services. Arrange for a quote from a few and compare prices. This will give you a better understanding of what the price range is like and help you set a budget.