What to do the Day Before Moving House

What to do the Day Before Moving House

The day before you move is an anxious one. Months – if not years – of preparation has all amounted to one day and now you just want to be in your new home and settled. There are numerous aspects to moving day which all contribute to making it hectic. However, if you plan the day out carefully, the day should run smoother and go according to plan. Here are some steps you can take the day before moving to make the moving process a slightly more pleasant one.

Call everyone involved with the move to make sure everything is ready and confirmed for the following day. The last thing you need is your man with a van not showing up because you’ve crossed your wires and booked him for a different day or hours later than you recall. Call your removal company to confirm the time and date they’re arriving; if you’re retrieving your new keys from someone, make sure you call them to check they’ll be available at the designated time. If you have friends or family helping with the move, make sure to phone them to make sure they’re still able to attend.

Make sure you have all the information you need available to you for the next day. Put together a moving list which includes the phone number of your removal service as well as other people involved in the day. If you ensure all the information is in one place, you won’t need to sort through stacks of paper to get the number you need should something go wrong. Go over the directions to the new house again and make sure you know where you’re going. Although satellite navigation systems are handy, it’s wise to have a hard copy of the route as well, just in case the technology fails. Although your movers are likely to know their way around the roads, if you’re following in your car, you’ll need to find your way yourself and if you lose the van, you don’t want to get lost.

Finish packing the last of your belongings and tie up loose ends. This may include packing your box of essentials, which should contain items you may need to get to in a hurry or immediately upon arrival. For example, medication, phone chargers and snacks. Wrap any remaining pieces of furniture in plastic, like the sofas, to protect them from the move. Arrange your boxes and furniture in a way that’s easy for the removal company to get to when they come to pick up your belongings. Make sure there’s nothing in their way and there’s nothing to trip over. You may even want to begin arranging boxes in the order you want them to be put in the van.

Moving can be tiring and making sure you and your family are both hydrated and well-fed are important in keeping everyone happy and alert. Keep a box of snacks and drinks that you can either pack into your essentials box or bring with you separately.

The most important thing is to do the day before moving is to relax and unwind. Have a wander around your soon-to-be old home and reminisce about the good times you had within its walls. Keep the mood light and cheerful; recognise that this signals a new, positive chapter in your life and look forward to it. Have a good dinner and get an early night so you can wake up bright and early the next day.